Welcome to G.R.O.W. with Julia

Your month-to-month, B.S.-free coaching membership community focused on one goal: to help entrepreneurs and marketers GROW online. Led by Julia McCoy.


Is this you?

You're facing growth, and BIG next steps...

But you don't want to use a sleazy approach to grow online.

You're ready for the long-term... you want legacy. You aren't some short-term thinker.

You want to grow organically, but you’re stuck on the how. You're burning yourself out. Long hours, late nights. And you don’t want just another course or book.

You need G.R.O.W. with Julia, a community of content-marketing mentors and mentees that are making POWERFUL moves, every month. $150/month, cancel anytime.

G.R.O.W. stands for Gather Round Our Why (together).

Hi, I’m Julia McCoy -- the founder and mentor behind G.R.O.W.

Dear marketer,

I was once just like you. 

Flashback to 2015. I’d been running my content agency Express Writers for four years. I’d published 215 blogs and was making roughly $29k a month.  

We were stuck, bigtime. Unable to scale. Hitting a glass ceiling. 

I began to wonder if we’d ever achieve exponential growth. 

And you know what I wished for with all my heart back then?

Someone to tell me what to do. A helping hand when I fell down. 

Fast forward to today, Express Writers is thriving.

From a tiny startup worth $75 to a growing seven-figure writing agency with 90 people on staff, three best-selling books out, an Entrepreneur column, industry speaking gigs under my belt, and multiple revenue-earning brands built through content… 

I’ve come a long way from the anxiety-ridden content creator I was at the beginning. 

But the truth is, it was hard. 

I got knocked down again and again.

I personally know that producing great content gets lonely.

That’s why I built G.R.O.W., the content growth community I desperately needed. 

With G.R.O.W., you’ll get the secrets to success without the hard knocks, mistakes, doubts and unanswered questions. 

This is content hacking – the smart, long-term, evergreen way. We’ll grow, together.


Is G.R.O.W. Right for You?

Also, are you right for G.R.O.W.?

As the saying goes, “your money isn’t worth anything to me, if my product isn’t worth anything to you.” 

However, you have to be ready to commit for my community to be worth the ROI (and then some). Here’s who should exit this page right now… and who is welcome with open arms to join G.R.O.W.

Do Apply to Join G.R.O.W. if You're...

  • A heart-centered entrepreneur or marketer
  • Someone whose heart is in your brand and marketing, but whose head and hands aren't sure what to do

Don't Apply to Join G.R.O.W. if You're...

  • Not interested in an SEO, content-first approach for growth
  • In it for quick hacks, not ready to commit to a long-term haul
  • An egotistical jerk
  • A bro marketer just looking out for yourself
  • A lazy marketer unwilling to do the work

How Much Is Live Training, Personalized Coaching, and a Network of Friends and Supporters Worth to You?

Need a trusted coach to guide you in the right direction of your growth goals?

That’s expensive. 

In fact, I know coaches charging anywhere from $375-$3,000 per hour. 

And you know what?

People pay those prices just to get that boost up when they fall down. To get someone to cheer for them. To get ANSWERS to all their QUESTIONS. 

Because having a mentor and real friends does pay off. 

But I won’t be charging you anywhere near the prices I mentioned. 

In fact, you can get an entire month of G.R.O.W. membership for only $150. That’s just $5/day. What would that $5 investment per day be worth to you? Dividends, if you put this community to good use! 

If you're a Content Hacker™ Alumni, chat with us now (little blue button, bottom right) to get your code for 50% off a G.R.O.W. membership.

In G.R.O.W., you get access to FRESH, live training from Julia, every month. You'll get email reminders before each call so you know exactly when they're held. What's more, you get DAILY support in Slack.

The benefit of G.R.O.W.:

- In-depth, LIVE trainings, like this sixty-minute class on how to set up your social media profiles and updates to attract prospects and clients:

(With a cheat sheet/summary in the Community Drive folder!)

- Guest trainings that go deep, like this sixty-minute training on delegation and team-building with Craig Cannings, who manages a community of 20,000 students:

- Daily encouragement and help in our Slack tribe, anytime you need it, with themed days (Wednesdays are for WIP) for deeper help ❤️:

Entrepreneurs and marketers: G.R.O.W. is your ticket to a safe, candid zone where you can tackle business challenges and GROW with mentors at your side.

    What You Get in G.R.O.W. with Julia:

  • G.R.O.W. Slack workspace, all channels, + messaging support from Julia & team
  • Dedicated group for access to 2x/month LIVE trainings with Julia + content hacking experts
  • Group coaching customized to you (fill out the group coaching form ahead of our call, or send questions in Slack) + email reminders to join
  • G.R.O.W. Drive Community folder -- documents created & consistently updated by Julia to enable your quick wins in your growth journey
  • Cancel anytime, pay month-to-month

Content Hacker™ training, created by Julia McCoy, is used and trusted by:

Avant Capital Strategies
"Working with Julia and the G.R.O.W program has been refreshingly helpful! She’s created a safe space for entrepreneurs to ask the hard questions and get honest, experience backed responses. G.R.O.W is the single best investment I’ve made for our Agency in the last 3 years. Thank you for helping us grow!"
Shaneali Mawji

Founder, Simply Search Marketing

"I am an experienced copywriter and content creator. I’ve grown my business through word-of-mouth and repeat business alone, but I’ve hit a ceiling, and I cannot seem to scale. I work hard, and I earn a decent living, but I’m time-poor. There doesn’t ever seem to be enough hours in the day to do what it is I really want to do; to level-up, and GROW.


I have explored other business coaching options and found them expensive, impersonal, out of touch, and just not relevant or applicable to the work I do.


When I heard about G.R.O.W, I was interested, and as more information was revealed about what to expect, I knew I wanted to see what it was like for myself. It seemed to speak to my situation perfectly.


I signed up hoping that I would be able to get authentic, personal guidance on my individual situation; and to learn from those who’ve been there, done that, and achieved success in the same industry.


There is so much information online, it can be a challenge to know what’s relevant and what’s not. This program cuts through the crap and delivers precisely what you need, as you need it.


So far, the support has been incredible. The mentors in this program are responsive, they’re authentic, and everybody is genuinely interested in helping you get the information and guidance you need, fast.
It’s so refreshing to have a close-knit community of experts who are willing to help you succeed. The resources, guides, and cheat-sheets are out of this world, and you can tell a serious amount of time and effort has gone into the creation of the platform and its content.


I’m only in the first month, and I’ve been able to get some excellent advice tailored to my situation. I have access to tools that are saving me hours that would have otherwise spent researching and trying to create resources from scratch. It’s already helping me get where I want to be quicker and more efficiently. To know that there is even more support coming with live training and Facebook Q&A sessions is just crazy.
In the first week, I can honestly say that I’ve already been able to reclaim the money I spent on the subscription in time saved.


Running a business is a little lonely at times. So, it’s nice to be part of a community with no other agenda than to lift each other up, share experiences, and impart guidance that adds real value to the work you do.


I’m genuinely excited about the future, and to know I am being supported by authentic experts who are taking the time to help me is humbling.”

Elizabeth March

Founder & Copywriter, CleverPen Content Limited

“Julia, your knowledge and this community has been so valuable!”
Lorraine Roberte

Personal Finance & Digital Marketing Copywriter, Crafty Writing

What You Get When You Join G.R.O.W

G.R.O.W. isn’t your 1000-page textbook packed with jargon you won’t remember.

Neither is it a course with pre-recorded material. 

While both of those are in fact useful to build foundational skills, your next-level of growth doesn’t typically come from either area.

Instead, next-level growth comes from hands-on experiential learning, LIVE.

Life is something you live, right?

But, the problem here -- the tendency to fail at content is much greater without a group of mentors consistently showing up to train you on what to do next. 

That’s what G.R.O.W. is all about. It is your guiding North Star in the Wild West of content marketing. Sign up today to become a member -- don't make the last thing on your plate any longer. 



A living, breathing, community filled with like-minded people. Get access to our G.R.O.W. Slack workspace for daily support and dedicated channels for ALL the growth topics you need. Plus, membership in a thriving Facebook group where we go live twice a month. It’s a group of heart-centered entrepreneurs and marketers, just like you.


Group coaching sessions EVERY month. No pre-recorded content comes with G.R.O.W. Instead, we’re going live, together, 2x a month. You can join from the comfort of your home. Do it completely at your own convenience -- join us every month, every other week, or, catch the replays. Send in questions ahead of time to have your custom content questions addressed. Joining me for your training will be top-notch guest experts, and my own trained Strategists.


Every month, I’ll focus on training you on the advanced versions of my six core frameworks for growth through content -- LIVE. We’ll hit one framework per session. There are six core frameworks that I’ve been teaching for a while, and have been proven already in my content strategy course. In G.R.O.W., I’m bringing you “the next level” of my six core frameworks of growth through content. My goal is to help you grow much faster by helping you eliminate the mistakes that slow most content marketers down.


A G.R.O.W. quick-win library of templates and frameworks. Stuck in the process of growth through delegation? Don’t know which tool to use for which content scenario? Unclear on your vision? Confused about SEO? G.R.O.W. has a guide for that. I’ve been handwriting a members-only library of templates, guides, and frameworks that I’ll continually update. Just head to the Drive, pull out the super easy-to-read resource you need, and get to work! Quick wins is the goal here.

No Strings

One low-cost price. Every month. Cancel anytime. No $10,000 course here -- but, you are tapping into thousands of dollars worth of training for just $150/month. (For example, a single coaching call with me or one of our mentors costs $200-500.) What could this $5/day investment do for you and your business? This is the subscription you’ve been dreaming of, for a growth community and mentors that remains forever accessible in your back pocket. Pay every month so we can run the community and make it great; cancel anytime if you’re not up for it that month. Reactivate anytime, too.

How Does G.R.O.W. Work?

Think of G.R.O.W. like a fast-track growth incubator for heart-driven marketers and entrepreneurs that want to achieve success through content.

Access to our G.R.O.W. Slack workspace and live experts opens up as soon as your application is accepted, after you pay for the membership.

Join our Slack tribe, send questions, and receive answers same-day. It's like tapping into a high-level brain, on demand.

You can send in questions for your first group coaching call. You can Slack your mentors anytime. Our G.R.O.W.-member-only library of content opens up and Julia personally guides you on which one is most beneficial for your growth-focused journey. 

There’s no pre-recorded content here. It’s all live. Even the library of G.R.O.W. resources, which features quick-win guides and templates written by Julia, is considered “live,” and will continue to get updated over time.

Going forward, every single month, you’ll get to meet LIVE with top content hackers -- myself and our experts, from the comfort of your own home. And on a daily basis, you’ll get your questions answered, in the Slack threads customized to your pain points and growth goals. 

For the live coaching calls, we’ll even have top experts joining me to train you live that come directly from executive positions behind the tools we content marketers use and love on a regular basis.

What If I’m an Existing Content Hacker Alumni?

Newcomers that aren’t in my Content Hacker™ Academy: If you don’t have a skillset mapped out yet — i.e., SEO writing, or content strategy, I recommend a Content Hacker Academy course to build those ground-floor skills. 

You DON’T need to get a seat to our courses to enroll, but if you don't have the foundational skill sets built, you might be left with more questions than answers during our training calls.

The Expert SEO Content Writer can help you learn exactly how to write the type of content that Google loves. The Content Strategy & Marketing Course will get you clear on how to plan out a content strategy. And The Unlearn Essay Writing Course will help you get rid of those icky essay-writing habits, and shape great online writing habits. All of these are proven Content Hacker™️ Academy courses I've painstakingly built, with 500+ students inside.

For existing Content Hacker™ alumni: G.R.O.W. will build on the skills you already have, and challenge you to higher, further, and greater heights as a marketer or entrepreneur. And, as a thank-you for being in our Academy, you can save 50% on your membership (chat with us via the little blue button, bottom right, to snag your Alumni-only code today). ⭐️ 

Experts Joining Us for Your Training

As they say… it takes a village! And that couldn’t be more true in content marketing. And that’s why we’ve booked top-notch experts – real content hackers – to join us in the Slack and FB group community to help train you.
Julia McCoy

Julia McCoy

Lead Mentor, The Content Hacker™ Academy & G.R.O.W.

Julia McCoy is a serial entrepreneur, content marketing strategist, and a passionate advocate of using content to build a business. Back in 2011, she founded her writing agency after dropping out of college with nothing but a hope, dream, and $75. Today, Express Writers has over 90 on staff, and generates seven figures in annual revenue. Julia is a four-times bestselling author, educator, and speaker, and has been published and featured in Content Marketing Institute, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Search Engine Journal, MarTech Advisor, MarketingProfs, and Austin's Woman to Watch.

craig freelance university

Craig Cannings

G.R.O.W. Guest Mentor 

Craig Cannings is the co-founder of Freelance University with his wife, Kelly. Craig has had the privilege of helping over 20,000 students in 75 countries realize their dreams of launching a portable, freelance business (and lifestyle). He enjoys the freedom of working from home and traveling while raising 5 daughters.

Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen

Jacob is best-known as a copywriter & writing coach. He runs a $40k/month (and GROWING!) business at


Evgenia Verbitskaya

Evgenia knows, creates, and manages content on a regular basis. She's a Content Marketing Specialist at SEMrush.

Vlado Pavlik

Vlado Pavlik

Vlado has years of experience both in SEO content, content marketing in general, and in managing a team. Currently, he's the Digital Marketing Lead at Mangools.


Alexander Cordova

Lead Content Strategist at Express Writers. Also: tech copywriter, and sometimes web developer, with over five years of experience in different areas including SEO and online marketing. Alex writes and develops content plans for our clients at Express Writers. When he's not writing (which is most of the time), he can usually be found trying new recipes, brewing coffee, practicing yoga, or kickboxing.

The 6 Advanced Frameworks Julia Teaches You LIVE in Grow

framework 1 brand content differentiation factor


framework 2 getting to know your audience


framework 3 getting traffic & prospects (seo & more)


framework 4 building your content house


framework 5 consistency, quality & time


framework 6 creating a brand ecosystem


There's a reason I've been named one of the top content marketers in the world. What I teach and do -- well, it works. 

And today, one of my FAVORITE things in the world is teaching smart people like you how to GROW online.

That's why G.R.O.W. is here -- and that's why I'll bet real money that you'll find it more powerful than any other mentorship community in the content marketing industry.

Because I care about YOU, and your end results.

Just for G.R.O.W., I'm teaching LIVE classes on my six-step framework to growth through content. 

You can learn about these frameworks in my book, Practical Content Strategy and Marketing (which has been read and picked up in over 90 countries!), and watch my on-demand, fundamental skill-building videos and complete the exercises in my Content Strategy & Marketing Course, too. 

All of those frameworks I developed back in 2017 still apply.

Here’s what’s new. In G.R.O.W., my LIVE training sessions will take you deeper into each one. It’s live training and applicable theories you’ll never see anywhere outside G.R.O.W. 

framework 1 brand content differentiation factor

G.R.O.W. Framework 1: Know Your Brand Content Differentiation Factor

Before you get to know your audience, you need a strong brand, or at least the basis of one. Don’t worry about content or a fully-fledged website yet. You’ll build this in the other frameworks. You need a great idea that stands out from the crowd. Think BHAG -- Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and celebrate a big vision.

framework 2 getting to know your audience


G.R.O.W. Framework 2: Get to Know Your Audience


It’s time to get to know who you “sell” to, from a value-first perspective. Who needs your solution faster than a fallen patient dialing 911? In this framework, I’ll teach you how to intimately get to know your audience and their pain points, with templates you can use--like now.

framework 3 getting traffic & prospects (seo & more)

G.R.O.W. Framework 3: Earn Traffic & Prospects

You’ve got a brand idea. You’ve got the audience. You know the pain points. Now, it’s time to think about how to earn your traffic, and connect them to a sales pathway. 

framework 4 building your content house

G.R.O.W. Framework 4: Build a Content House

Build, build, build that website--and make it as beautiful and as amazing as you want. It’s time to create a brand “house” that you’ll get known for, over time.

framework 5 consistency, quality & time

G.R.O.W. Framework 5: Consistency, Quality, & Time

There. Are. No. Hacks. To. Long-Term. Success. Repeat after me. Consistency and quality over time is your secret sauce. Some days will feel like letdowns. But years later, you’ll be oh-so-glad you committed at the beginning. G.R.O.W. is the community you’ve been waiting for that focuses on long-term success.

framework 6 creating a brand ecosystem

G.R.O.W. Framework 6: Creating a Brand Ecosystem

The magic happens when you have an ecosystem. This is my advanced and completely rehauled framework, JUST for G.R.O.W. community members only. I’ll train you live on how to build your content marketing brand ecosystem, month-after-month, for massive results over time. (Like Jack’s beanstalk.)

Join G.R.O.W. Now -- $150/Month

    The BEST business growth subscription mentorship for the money, created for entrepreneurs and marketers ready to hit next level (grow a company team, increase income, and make BIG strides).
  • Month-to-month live G.R.O.W. membership; cancel anytime. Only $150/month!
  • Live support, in two places: Join our dedicated G.R.O.W. Slack workspace with daily access to Julia and five experts, plus, you'll be added to a private group for monthly advanced Facebook Live training calls hosted by Julia + email reminders before each training call.
  • A quick-win, G.R.O.W.-only library of updated guides written by Julia: How to hire + Julia's personal job templates, answers to all the growth struggles entrepreneurs & creators go through, with REAL solutions -- 20+ short, readable, downloadable guides!
  • Cancel anytime with a seven-day headsup notice.


What is the cost of a G.R.O.W. membership?

The cost of G.R.O.W. membership, access to Julia and her mentors, and a library of G.R.O.W.-only files to help you immediately implement some quick wins for biz growth -- including how to delegate, and where to delegate from, with job templates and more! -- is $150/month. Once you subscribe, you'll be re-billed a month later on the date you subscribed on. 

Please note that given the nature of G.R.O.W. as a growth-based LIVE community, we don’t offer money-back guarantees. However, you only pay one month at a time. If you feel the program isn’t for you, simply cancel at least seven days before your next month, and we won’t charge you a single cent more.


Easy, no-hassle monthly commitment.

What does it take to be accepted to G.R.O.W.?

In GROW, we mentor and work with the same dedicated group from start to finish. We want to provide 10x quality and focus. That includes YOU, if your application is accepted! Currently, our G.R.O.W. enrollment for 2021 is limited. To be accepted, you must be willing to commit to your growth, come in with an open mindset, and be ready to put in the work and implement the mentorship and training you'll receive in G.R.O.W.

When can I start my G.R.O.W. membership?

G.R.O.W. is waitlisted, and enrollment opens up a few times a year. When enrollment is open, we typically close it again in a week or less. Please add [email protected] to your contacts so you hear when we open G.R.O.W. next.